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24, Stier, Moldova
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Have some coffee ))) i hope you like strawberry!! For my queen for a sweet woman sweet for a sweet girl all my love to you
Сhampagne for my queen Cherry Cola Strawberries New lipstick because the last one broke )) love you
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for Mimi!! mmmmm chocolate The award for the most wonderful woman goes to you! Here is some coffee for energy! lipstick for you to write my name ))) sweets for my sweetheart
My heart is yours For you my cupcake!! A crown for my love! Ti amo! All my love to u! Bear
Here’s your flowers!! ))))) For lovley Criss. Bellisima!! Thank you! You truely are a Love Angel! Diamond ring This pralines its for you pretty lady :))))) you are so unbelivable nice :P Big diamond ring
hug Queen crown I give you this sweet heart because my heart belongs to you :) My dream girl <3 From the soul of my heart, with my love to you my sweat Kristi! My special princes, only my love. Bear For my Queen...I think I found it;)
i love you forever my darling Cristina Just for you my princess you are worth it always a good time with you Coffee :D:D:D:D i love you sorry :P Marry me and love me forever my darling Cristina! My darling Cristina, I love you with all of my heart and soul forever...your husband Bill

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...Imagination is stronger than reality...
Wat vind ik een afknapper
I would like to take away good memories from this experience

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Missed 5.500 euro for a "project" for my future until the start of April 2019 (ACADEMY ART)❤️❤️❤️ (I would really appreciate all the help I can get) 🙏🙏🙏


For the album _ME_ -> 1721 token(non nude)

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MY LUCKY NUMBER _7_13_17_21_42_71_


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My Favorite Music <wonderful one>


Best moments ^_^THANK YOU^_^( 2016/2018)

Sweet surprise and a person with a beautiful soul ❤️❤️❤️



Creating Clay Sculptures


Make cakes

Make a Paradise with All you Have 

In the near future I would like to write a book about my past, present, and my adventures on this site.

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Material: 925 Sterling silver; 18k yellow gold plating Stones: zirconia champagne, synthetic spinel light blue, zirconia brown, glass-ceramic stone blue, zirconia pink Colour: yellow gold-coloured, blue, champagne, brown, violet
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Material: 925 Sterling silver; 18k yellow gold plating Stones: zirconia champagne, synthetic spinel light blue, zirconia brown, glass-ceramic stone blue, zirconia pink Colour: yellow gold-coloured, blue, champagne, brown, violet
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Material: 925 Sterling silver, blackened Stones: zirconia champagne, zirconia pink, synthetic spinel light blue, glass-ceramic stone light blue, glass-ceramic stone sapphire blue Colour: silver-coloured, dark-blue, light blue, champagne, violet
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I will sold it and All my Dreams come True Joking
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Dear Criss. A New Year A New Chapter. Write It With Style. Happy Birthday Sunshine. 🍾🍾🎈🎈
Happy birthday to you my amazing girl!!
You are always in my thoughts and always in my heart.
I wish you all the happiness the world has to offer. And all of the peace and joy too.
Love you...
Feel better soon my sweet girl! Miss you so much! Thinking of you always! 💕
Happy valentines my sweetheart please take care about yourself hug u hard ❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my shining star 🌟 ❤️
❤️❤️❤️ Thank u Very Much my Love 😍 😍😍
Happy New Year to an amazing woman! I hope your year is filled with happiness and good health!! All my love and best wishes for 2019 to be your best year EVER!!!
Happy New Year All kiss and hugs I whould like THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT ME THIS YEAR ❤️ Thank you very much ❤️🎆🎊🎉🎈💋🥰❤️😇 yuhuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️ Happy New Year 🎆🎊
Merry Christmas All I wishes the best for everyone and be Good all time kiss and hugs 🤗 ❤️🎄🎁
***21 APRIL***

Top Spenders 🤗❤️

I m rock fuck 😂

❤️Thank you ❤️

From Jimmy 24 flowers for my 24 years ❤️

From Mstrpce for my birthday ❤️

Thank you for support me with my craziest fixation of the signed underwear

Thank you very much all for the support ❤️


My number 1 fan 😍 I Love You Soo Much 😍 ❤️

Wonderful😍 thank you very much 😍

For my summer 2018

About me and you 😉

I consider myself a different person with unique and strange principles. I do not like to judge because no one can do it, I'm very emotional and sometimes crazy “in my own way”. 
Nothing amazes me anymore because from the XXI century you can almost expect anything. 

I can't do something that I don't like because from a forced action, the outcome is never good. Leave it to my personal rules and give me a chance to be a “small boss”.

I believe that each and every one of us has the right to feel and be whoever he or she wants to be, but at one point each one of us need to caress and support one another. A word in its place can make you feel good and a smile will give you a different light on your face.

If I'm wrong in front of someone I humbly apologise and I hope that they understand what it is like to make a mistake, because after all, we are all human, and this does not mean making the same mistake again but, only to understand where we made the mistake and not to repeat it again, but instead, learn from it, and ultimately, grow as a person.

I have made a mistakes from where I come from but not because I thought it was something important: my name is Cristina I'm from Moldova and I'm 24 years old (Notice:I do not like talking much about myself, make some nice topics)

We are here to have fun in one way or another. This is a safe place that changes you inside out, and makes you understand what it means to be patient, respectful, calm, and loving. It is the only way you will be able to successfully meet new people, and establish new friendships, as well as, make you feel at ease.

For a Big Dream ❤️ X 13? 🙈😍😍😍 (x8) (Surgery)

Thank you 🙏

❤️Best Night Here🙈 (30 october 2018)Thank u Again <3

PS4 used by eBay 3500 tk for a baby 🥺❤️😍


Thank you very much 😍 I cannot wait for buy it 

Him will be very happy thank u again ❤️❤️❤️

Yuhuuuuuu 🎊 i bought the games used and give me one new 😂 kinder surprise this day 

Womderful people ❤️

Thank you Mrs Jimmy ❤️

Thank you my boys, friends ❤️✍️🎂

My life in my fingers

My experience with Bonga has been something I have always taken care of, like a game at times, like a single thing, but just another thing. I never wanted to exaggerate because I knew and I wanted it to be something passagero, I never felt ashamed of something that I know I have shown what I wanted and dreamed of: cries of joy in hiding, thanks never deti and my night break that liked how a journey inside the mind to which I never understood what I could see, when I was enough to be, but never enough for everything I wanted to achieve, transmit and at the same time satisfy my needs and create my world.

A world to which ... I have lost sometimes ... by dint of trying to realize my biggest dream "a house" which I have now lost ... but I never regretted having it, because I believe that the satisfaction of having tried to accomplish something and the strength and commitment to which I have tried to have it in some ways, the image, the memories, the people, the love, the affection, the needs, the experiences, I will always carry them in my deepest heart like a hand-painted and I make my most crazy experience ever (my little disco)

I will never hold a grudge for the lost years, 7 years in which I could be who I wanted, but I can say that my life starts now.

If you will see me one day, smile at me carefully, and for another 7 years I will try to write you in a small book of which, although it will never be famous, because we are all famous in this whole world where we can create and be unique ours, I have it as the most beautiful memory: "The memory and the best memories of a whole life" because this is what we must gather and desire for life!